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The first time Sherlock Holmes realises he's in love with John Watson.
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All emotions associated with relationships of a romantic and/or sexual nature were in the upstairs linen closet, stored behind years of cold case details which Sherlock suspected would eventually prove themselves useful.

Storing emotions in the mind palace was complicated, of course.  Emotions were not learned, like the things he usually put in there - rather, he had to morph them into storable things using the memories associated with them.  The track captain that had laughed in his face when Sherlock had asked him out for a weekend coffee, the detached romp with another student while he was in uni that had ended in tears, the month that he’d spent avoiding a psych professor’s eyes because Sherlock had humiliated him in front of his class and so he’d gotten back at him by needling his ‘unique perversions’.  These were broken down into their emotional triggers…and then boxed away, better off forgotten.

It was unexpected - and to a certain degree, unwelcome - when these feelings showed up right there, front and center, one day when John was asking him about jam.

" - and you always complain when I grab marmalade.  If you really don’t care what I get, stop complaining when I bring it home.  Honestly, what sort of Brit doesn’t like marmalade!”

Sherlock wasn’t really paying attention.  His jaw was slack, his senses firing off in ways that didn’t make sense.  These weren’t the simple feelings he was accustomed to; those reared up every now and again and were easy enough to deal with.  This was…stifling.  It was cold water, fresh air, fire and blood and electricity.

"So anyway, if you’re going to complain, the least you can do is tell me if you prefer strawberry over apple, or mixed fruit over cherry, hm?"

Not a bad stifling.  That was the strange part.  This sort of unfamiliarity should have been frightening, but somehow, it wasn’t.  He knew, instinctively.  He’d always wondered how people ‘just knew’, as there was no logic or science to ‘just knowing’.  But here it was.

"And there’s no way you’ll come to Tesco with - "

"I’ll go."

John jerked so hard he spilled half of his tea on the table.  ”You’ll what!”

"I’ll go with you.  To Tesco."  Sherlock cleared his throat, nervous.  "And help you with the shopping."

John looked at him as if he’d grown a second head.  ”I thought that was what you said.  Oh, bloody hell, the table…”  He grabbed a dishcloth and began mopping up the spill.

Sherlock grinned in spite of the way his chest was feeling at that moment.  ”The table’s had worse on it, and you know it.”

"I’m not worried about the table.  It’s just a waste of tea."  John wrinkled his nose and looked up at Sherlock.  "You look sort of off, Sherlock.  Are you feeling alright?"

Sherlock’s shoulders tensed a bit, almost defensively.  ”Of course I am.”

John didn’t seem convinced, but he kept his argument to the quirk of an eyebrow.  ”Hm.  But you’re coming to Tesco with me.”

"Sure.  Right now, even."

John gave him a penetrating stare, so much that Sherlock started looking for something snarky to say in order to make him stop.  He didn’t have time, though, because John stood and pulled Sherlock down to give him a quick peck on the lips.  Sherlock blinked, stunned.

"When we get back, we’re working on your emotional expression.  Reading you is harder than reading War and Peace.

Sherlock was still silent, trying to understand what had just happened.  He hadn’t told John anything…well, not relating to his emotions, anyway.  Was his agreeing to go shopping really that much of a giveaway..?

"Well?  Tesco awaits."

Sherlock blinked himself out of it.  ”Oh.  Yes, Tesco.  Of course.”

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Hey wonderful people!


Can you guys link me to those spiffy drag-the-gif creature generators I’ve been seeing floating around?  I have a particular interest in ones for mermaids, demons, centaurs, and harpies, but I’ll take whatever you find interesting.  :3  I’ve got a huge sketchbook I want to fill with creatures!  Please?

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Science Bros, modern powerless!AU- Bruce and Tony have been internet friends for years, since they were in their teens (they're now in their late twenties), and dating for three of those years. Bruce keeps worrying about the rent, and after months of cajoling finally agrees to live with Tony. Can we have their first night together? They both make good on the sexual promises they've made over the years, and it's ridiculously loving. Bonus points for them both having body insecurities!!
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Bruce fidgeted, looking around and chewing his lower lip.  Tony said he’d pick him up at the cafe at noon - ten minutes late was forgivable, what with the city’s traffic, but Bruce couldn’t help but worry all the same.

Why would Tony want him to move in?  He had those thick beer bottle-bottom glasses, the slight paunch over his jeans, and he was short.  Sure, Tony had always talked about what he wanted to do to him, but things were different in theory and in practice.  In practice, Tony might decide that a good-looking guy like him could do better than a nerdy-looking atomic physicist with anger issues.

So he sat with his coffee, watching the cars pull in and out of the parking lot and looking for that familiar face he’d grown so fond of during their years online.

"Bruce?  Is that you?"

Bruce turned to look over his shoulder, and his heart seemed to stutter when he saw Tony.  ”Oh!  I didn’t know there were two entrances.”

"Yeah, sorry.  I should have told you to keep your eyes on the restaurant side of the building. How was your trip?"

"Long, but it’s a pretty easy drive."  Bruce swallowed nervously.  Here he was, face-to-face with Tony Stark after so much time.  "So, uh…wow.  You look great."

"You too," Tony assured him.  Bruce turned a bit pink, happy to hear it.

Tony continued with idle small talk as he led Bruce back towards his car.  He double-checked Bruce’s car to make sure all the doors were firmly closed - “Don’t want anything falling out on the way to my place, right?” - then instructed him to follow.  Bruce knew he’d learn his way around soon enough, but for the moment, he was happy to have someone to follow.  That night, settled into his new home, Bruce looked around at his boxes and sighed.  Tony had helped him take them in, but unpacking was always an intimidating prospect.  Still, it had to get done, so he cracked his knuckles focused on the first box.  He’d ask Tony what room each set of items went in, and -

"Hey, Bruce?"

Bruce looked up at Tony.  ”Yeah?”

Tony looked a bit shy, which was unusual - for all the time Bruce had known him, he’d come to learn that Tony wasn’t a particularly nervous man.  Still, he seemed kind of cowed now.  ”You, uh.  You want to come to bed?”

Bruce’s eyes widened a little.  ”What?”

"You know…bed.  We’ve been talking about it for years.  You and me.  I mean, I would always describe you as my boyfriend when people asked.  I was just thinking, well wondering, if you wanted to maybe…explore some of those promises we made?"

Bruce’s mouth fell open a bit.  Of course he wanted to.  Unfortunately, his brain wouldn’t permit an immediate agreement.  Like a fool he blurted out, “But - I’m pudgy.”

"You’re human."  Tony shrugged, then admitted,  "I’ve got stretch marks on my thighs."

"Everyone has stretch marks.  How many people are legally blind without their glasses?"

"Plenty.  Are you seriously debating your body with me right now?"  Tony approached him, reaching up to drape his arms over Bruce’s shoulders.  Bruce could feel a happy tingle run through him.  He’d wanted this sort of casual closeness for years…and there it was, on their first day together.  They’d slipped into it like one would slip into a familiar pair of shoes.  "You’re hot as hell.  I’ve always thought you were hot as hell.  To be honest, sometimes I worried you’d think you were out of my league."

Now that threw Bruce for a loop.  ”What?

"You say you’ve got pudge and bad eyes?  Well, I’ve got stretch marks, I’m paler than a virgin’s wedding dress, and my heart’s been gammy ever since a car accident I had when I was a teenager.  I never thought of these as very dateable qualities."

"Don’t be ridiculous," Bruce rebuffed.

"Then you don’t be ridiculous.”

They were both quiet, almost frowning for a moment - and then they broke into chuckles, soft and happy.  Acting solely on the knowledge that it would be okay, Bruce stroked a hand over Tony’s cheek.  ”I was so worried.  I thought this would be weird, but…it’s like we’ve known each other for years.”

"We have," Tony said, still laughing a bit.

"I mean, like this.  Able to touch each other.  This feels so comfortable, it’s like…like this is our millionth time doing it, not our first."

Tony nodded his agreement, carding his fingers through Bruce’s hair now.  ”So…is that a ‘no’ on you coming to bed for now, or a ‘yes’?”  There was no pressure in his tone - just affection.  Warm, patient affection.

Love, Bruce thought to himself.

"It’s a yes.  Definitely.  I’ve waited more than ten years for this - I think it’s time to find out firsthand what makes you tick."

"Ooh, doctor."  Tony grinned and jerked his head towards the bedroom.  "Boudoir’s this way, good-looking."

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Hey wonderful people!

Can you guys link me to those spiffy drag-the-gif creature generators I’ve been seeing floating around?  I have a particular interest in ones for mermaids, lady knights, demons, centaurs, and harpies, but I’ll take whatever you find interesting.  :3  I’ve got a huge sketchbook I want to fill with creatures!  Please?

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Blackpepper: After a stressful week, Pepper comes home tense and unhappy. Natasha decides to take her to bed and worship her lovers body, giving her multiple orgasms until Pepper is blissed out and happy again. +1000 internet cookies for some adorable fluffy cuddling afterwards, and 1000 more if there aren't any dildos or other toys involved.
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" - ctly, Tony.  No.  No, you can not use that to bankrupt them.  Tony, don’t you dare.  I am not flying back out there to fix this if you decide to make it into a mess.  You promised me the weekend and I’m holding you to it.”

Natasha looked up as Pepper came in, briefcase dangling from one hand, phone in the other.  She nudged the door closed with her foot - how she managed to get it open in the first place, Natasha wasn’t sure - then continued bickering with her employer.  A few ‘no’s and ‘knock it off’s were exchanged before Natasha walked over and took both briefcase and phone.

"Tony," she said pleasantly.  "You know the rules."

"Right, right.  None of my shenanigans once she steps through your door."  She could hear Tony sigh dramatically.  "I suppose that means you want me to hang up now."

"Well, you don’t have to, but I am.  See you next week?"

"You bet.  I’ll beat you at chess eventually," he laughed.

Natasha set the phone aside, then looked at Pepper with a loving gaze.  ”Problem solved.  How are you feeling, love?”

Pepper shook her head, eyes tired and empty, expression nothing short of miserable.  It wasn’t just Tony, Natasha knew.  It was the stress of a hundred business calls and people who didn’t listen, a million little mistakes courtesy of her subordinates which were so small on their own but really added up at the end of the day…


Pepper tilted her head slightly.  ”No, what?”

"No, this.  This face, this mood.  I will not stand for this."

Pepper chuckled softly and sighed.  ”Well, there’s a sofa over there if you - hey!!”  She squeaked as Natasha lifted her, carrying her towards the bedroom.  ”What are you doing?”

"Carrying you to the bed, where - with your consent - I am going to treat you like a goddess."

Pepper had the decency to blush a bit.  ”And what does that mean?”

"I think you know.  You can stop me at any time; you know I’ll listen."

Pepper squeaked as Natasha set her down on the sheets, then hummed softly when Natasha ran gentle hands up the pale silk of her legs, rolling down her stockings and nudging the hem of her skirt up, up, until Pepper’s underwear was revealed.  Natasha grinned softly at the sight - Pepper wasn’t wearing some kinky red number or a pair of lacy black touch-me-tease-me’s.  They were white and gently form-fitting, with a soft gray paisley pattern.

Pepper looked up at her with a still-stressed grin.  ”What?” she demanded.

"Those are cute.  I like ‘em."  Natasha dropped her head to kiss at Pepper’s inner thighs, smiling when Pepper took a deep, steadying breath.  "Want me to take them off?"


Natasha did so without hesitation, although slow enough to be considered patient, running gentle fingers through the soft, thick curls of red she had uncovered.  Pepper whined softly, squirming.  Natasha quirked an eyebrow at her.  ”You want me to skip the foreplay?” she asked.  Pepper was only ever this fidgety when she was impatient.

"Wha - oh, no.  Not this time.  It’s just been a bad week."

"I know, love," Natasha whispered, moving her hands up to slide Pepper’s dress off the rest of the way.  "And I’m going to do my best to fix it."

And, Pepper would gladly attest to anyone who dared challenge their sex life, Natasha did fix it.  Repeatedly, and with a skill that was enough to make a grown woman cry.

She knew just when to dip those slender, scarred fingers between her legs, knew how to stroke her clitoris in that way that made Pepper’s entire back tingle with fiery electricity.  She knew when to nibble at the soft undersides of Pepper’s breasts, and when to circle her tongue over the perked pink nipples just a few inches higher.  And she was masterful at drawing out orgasm - actually, orgasms, plural.  She never let them build into overstimulation, but Natasha could still draw them out for blissful minutes.  Pepper gasped and wailed, unashamed in her loud praises for her lover.

Pepper’s attempts to reciprocate were met with gentle shushing noises and renewed intensity, and when they finally wound down, Pepper was positively dizzy with pleasure.  Natasha was still running loving hands over her - arms and sides now, though, nothing to get her worked up again.

"Wow," Pepper panted.  "Just…wow.  I’m going to make that up to you in the morning."

Natasha smiled and curled up beside her, pulling Pepper into her arms.  ”You don’t have to.  I came watching you.  I may have also cheated a little and ground back onto my heel.”

Pepper giggled and turned to face her, burying her face in Natasha’s neck, and, by extension, her hair.  ”I love you, Tasha.”

Natasha felt a warm glow spread through her, and she knew she was smiling.  That was, and would continue to be, the best thing anyone could ever tell her.  ”I love you too.  So.  Want to sleep, or watch some Netflix?  Either way, I’m not letting you go.”

"As long as you’ve got me," Pepper hummed, "we could go fishing and I’d be good right now."

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You do Teen Wolf? You just became more perfect! Can you do Sterek where Stiles is being all annoying and cute and Derek shuts him up by kissing him, then just walks off and leaves Stiles there like wtf? :D xxx
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" - it was ridiculous, right?  Who in their right mind thinks this is the kind of thing a classroom full of teenagers can stay quiet for?  It’s one of the most ridiculous sounds I’ve ever heard!"

Derek growled a soft, irritated warning in Stiles’ general direction.  He’d been trying to read when Stiles had burst in, exclaiming that he just had to share this story about the documentary in his biology class that day.

Derek had precisely zero interest in stories about biology class.

"So we’re thinking it’s going to get fast-forwarded, right?  Nope.  No way.  Apparently, we should all be ‘mature enough to watch basic reproduction without giggling like idiots’.  So I’m thinking, ‘Whatever, tortoises.  How funny can it really be?’  Turns out I have rarely been so wrong."

Derek growled again, louder this time, turning a page noisily to try and make his point.  Predictably enough, Stiles ignored it.

"Seriously, Derek.  The sound.  I tried not to laugh, I swear I did, but they’re just - I mean, have you ever heard them?  And the worst - best? - part is that they close their eyes and their mouths hang open like this.”  Derek didn’t bother lifting his eyes to see Stiles’ undoubtedly ridiculous impression of a mating tortoise.  Ridiculous, childish -

"So yeah, I giggle.  And I gent sent out into the hallway, which is absolutely ridiculous.  But it wasn’t a total waste, because you’ll never guess who walked by right in time to see me get kicked out - "

He wasn’t going to tolerate this, not for another second.  Derek threw his book down, lips curling into a decidedly aggressive snarl.  Stiles let out a high-pitched, nervous noise, kind of like ‘neek!’, but Derek didn’t care.  He wanted to shut him up - no, he needed it.  Needed silence for a minute.  He’d settle for thirty seconds.  Five seconds, even.

So he cornered Stiles off and crushed their lips together, tangling one hand into the dark brown fluff of his hair. He liked it better like this - long enough to grab onto.  It made for better leverage; he tilted Stiles’ head back and delved into his mouth with his tongue, messy and mean and skilled enough that Stiles actually wobbled on his feet a little.  He could still taste the faintest traces of something sweet on him - probably a Hostess Cupcake; Stiles was nuts on them right now for some reason - which was kind of appealing.  Only after a low, roughened moan started to bubble up from Stiles’ chest did Derek pull back, breathing deeply and giving him a severe look.

Stiles stared in silence as Derek walked back over to where he was sitting, retrieved his book, then breezed out of the room, just as casual as you like.  His mouth still hung open, his lips a bit reddened and shiny from Derek’s affections.

It was only after Derek was probably out of earshot that he thought to yell, “Well jeez, Sourwolf, aren’t you supposed to buy me dinner first?!”

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Sorry for the break, guys! DX

Between my health and mum’s birthday, I’ve been pretty busy these last few days!  x_x  I’m gearing up for a few fills, though - Teen Wolf, some Avengers, a dash of Sherlock.  Y’know, the usual goodies <3

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On the road to recovery!!

Thanks to the generosity of an amazing follower (I’m keeping quiet for now in case they wish to remain anonymous, but I want them to know I’ve been singing their praises to my family and friends), plus a bit of financial voodoo on my family’s part, my antibiotic course starts tonight - can’t wait until my back stops hurting!  x_x